New The Walking Dead mini-documentary is long, awesome

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There is some orifice at AMC that squeezes out videos about its new series The Walking Dead on a nearly daily basis. This latest is a big one — 17 minutes — and must have taken a long time to, uh, move through.

What I love about the show’s (and comic book’s) concept is the idea of expanding beyond the narrative scope of a usual zombie flick — of really delving into the characters and what they experience over a long period of time in a post-zombie apocalypse world.

A lot of the themes in this mini-documentary have been covered in the other videos (we get the “zombies are the frosting on the cake” line again). What this video adds, however, is a huge amount of new footage from the show itself, especially close up shots of the zombies (the make up is phenomenal). Even better are all the behind-the-scenes shots of the directors and producers chit-chatting with actors in full zombie garb.

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