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Note From The Handshake Copy Desk: AP Adds Social Media To 2010 Stylebook. Better Late Than Never, IMHO.

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Associated Press Stylebook

The verb/noun “tweet” ditched the uppercase “T” one year after appearing in the 2009 AP Stylebook. We can now write, “I Googled it.” Website lost its two-word status, as announced in April.

Thanks for catching up, Associated Press.

Today, AP released the 2010 Stylebook. It includes a new chapter on social media guidelines, as well as 42 techy terms such as app, click-throughs, metadata, smart phone, and unfriend.

Since Twitter made it into AP last year and Facebook launched in the early aughts, why is AP just now getting a handle on the lingo? Did it think social media would go away? That we would just unplug our smart phones and watch apps disappear into the annals of history?

I’m really not sure, however, why AP also gave space to defining popular lolspeak. BRB has existed since when people still used AIM. AP included these terms in the 2009 Stylebook, but I doubt writers and editors still need a book to tell them what word “Thx” stands in for. More importantly, AP neglects to instruct how journalists should use these. Avoid at all costs or add the definition? IDK.

I take most issue, though, with AP’s inclusion of POS. Someone should tell those editors that outside of 13-year-olds’ texting terms, POS doesn’t mean “Parent over shoulder.”

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