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Obama Administration Saves Taxpayer Money, Handshake Spends It

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The Obama Administration has announced a plan to save taxpayers money.

The plan? All payments from the American government, such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, veterans benefits, etc. will now get paid using direct deposit. Or, if you don’t have a bank account, via a Debit card.

It’s not rocket science (but that will come in handy later) and is something that probably should have happened years ago. But, is a good step none-the-less.

The plan will get the money to participants faster and will save taxpayers an estimated $303 million over the first five years and about $120 million per year after that.

Handshake has a few ideas for that saved money. Sure, it would be nice to pay down some of the national debt, but here are a couple of more fun ideas.

For $303 million dollars we could fund:

30,300 Lifesize LEGO Human Figures from Nathan Sawaya
– 134,666 60 inch flat screen T.V.’s
– 1,893,750 tickets (@ $160 per ticket) to the U.S. vs. Slovenia World Cup Soccer Game
6,060,000 Blue Suede Passes to the Lake George Elvis Festival
– 27 million Indiana Jones LEGO Figurines
– 30,300,000 Splice tickets
– 11,018,181,800 miles on a moped to Uranus (That is 68% of the way there.)

How would you spend $303 million?

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