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Pia Guerra Talks Past, Present, And Future

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Artwork from Y: The Last Man, Volume 1

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In the world of Y: The Last Man every male on the planet started bleeding out of every imaginable orifice, coughed up blood, and dropped dead at the same instant—except one, Yorick, aka Y.

This is the world that turned Vancouver-based graphic artist Pia Guerra and writer Brian K. Vaughan into idols in the comic book world.

Stephen King, possibly the best known horror writer on the planet and a lifelong consumer of comic books, called Y “the best graphic novel I’ve ever read.”

For Guerra, the attention Y brought in was unexpected, and the creators didn’t originally expect it to go past six issues. “It’s all a bit surreal. I read a lot of Stephen King when I was in high school—ripped through Misery all in one night—and then seeing that on the cover of our book. Mind boggling,” said Guerra in a Handshake email interview.

Rather than lasting the expected six issues, Guerra and Vaughan released 60 issues over the span of about five years, ending in 2008.

Y became even more mainstream after showing up on a LOST episode.   Guerra says it was “so cool to see the issue being read by Hurley, one of my favourite characters.  We ran into the actor at Gecko Comics one afternoon.  Nicest guy you could ever hope to meet.”

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