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Pia Guerra Talks Past, Present, And Future

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Artwork from Y: The Last Man, Volume 1

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Illustration by Pia Guerra via Redroom.com

Guerra first got into comic books when her cousin left an issue of X-Men at her home. She started drawing and eventually worked for a number of independent comics like Bruiser, Sinnamon, Slip, Weird Business, Asylum, before Vertigo came calling in 2001 and gave her a chance to illustrate Y.

She says she has remained with independent labels mostly because the projects they’ve offered at specific times have piqued her interest.

“I have been offered titles that some would consider bigger, but they weren’t what I wanted to do then,” Guerrra says. “I also don’t see myself working on the scale of Y ever again. It’s a huge amount of work and I was constantly stressed over deadlines. Right now I want to experiment and enjoy the process and so far it’s working out.”

What’s life been like post-Y for Guerra? There has been talk of a movie version of Y, but Guerra says she doesn’t know much about that project, as her and Vaughan have been busy with other projects of their own. Guerra said she just finished up a story for Torchwood Magazine, and is now working on a new project with a “dear friend” that’s set to wrap up in a couple months. She’s continuing to find new ways to use and improve her craft and move graphic art along.

“You learn from every book you work on, whether it’s a technical trick or a certain kind of approach,” Guerra says. “Right now I’m focusing on learning how to produce digitally on a schedule, so although there’s a lot on the drawing side I’m familiar with, there’s this whole other side that I’m learning from scratch. It’s a big challenge but also an exciting one.”

Handshake can’t wait to see what’s next!

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