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Pia Guerra’s Top Five Artists and Writers To Watch

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Illustrations by Naoki Urasawa, Moritat, Dan Boultwood, Paul Cornell, and Makoto Yukimura

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Comic book artist Pia Guerra, of Y: the Last Man fame recently swapped e-mails with Handshake.

We asked her to give her list of five graphic artists and writers to keep an eye on.

Here are her favorites:

Naoki Urasawa definitely tops that list right now.

Brilliant storyteller.

Pluto, 20th Century Boys and Monster are stunning books.

Illustration by Paul Cornell via forbiddenplannet.co.uk

Makoto Yukimura did this amazing hard sci-fi series called Planetes that I love so much. Not a lot of books make me cry. These did.

Illustration by Makoto Yukimura via Wikipedia

To see more of what Pia told Handshake about Y, and what’s coming up next for her, see Handshake‘s web feature on Monday.

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