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Pipe lights by MESH architectures

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MESH archictectures’ pipe lights should have a broad range of potential buyers: steampunk nerds, serial killers, people who live in lofts in Brooklyn, pipe-fetishists (“ooh! it glows!”), mad scientists, and me. Yes, I would gladly buy these pipe lights because they are freaking awesome, and I demand my light fixtures not look at all like light fixtures.

The lights come in a number of shapes and configurations, and can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized iron, or rough iron. MESH sells the lights to the masses on Etsy.

I am a particular fan of this interesting formation, which MESH calls the Knot Pipe Light and sells for a somewhat painful $295 on Etsy:

MESH does lots of other interesting things, but only the lights are available for purchase on Etsy. Lame. Here is a little more about MESH (from Etsy):

MESH Architectures is a hybrid architectural practice, re-conceiving relationships between people and their environments in the age of the digital network. MESH is known for innovative home, retail, installation and Web design. Based in New York City, many of our projects are renovations where we integrate contemporary materials and techniques into old structures.

(via Pak-Kei)

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