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Professional Gamers Aren’t Athletes, Says British Psychologist

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A recent study by a British Psychologist concluded that professional computer gamers are not, in fact, athletes.

Dr. Dominic Micklewright, from the University of Essex, found that professional computer gamers have the mental sharpness of “real” athletes and react to visual stimuli as fast as fighter jet pilots.

Similar to professional athletes, top professional gamers have very high skill levels, and earn thousands of dollars in prize money each year.

They, however, have the physical fitness levels of people much younger or older than their own age due to their sedentary lifestyles.

One computer gamer in his twenties, who appeared to be healthy, was found to have the aerobic fitness level and lung function of a heavy smoker in their 60s.

In a Telegraph article Micklewright explained why gamers are not considered athletes:

”Gaming shares some characteristics with sport because both are competitive, skill-based and governed by structured rules.

”But the main distinction which precludes gaming from being a sport is the lack of physical exertion.

”However, in the end sport is socially defined and there are sports, such as snooker and darts, which you might argue are on the boundary.”

Time to play Wii Fit, gamers.

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