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Prostitution. Not funny.

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Recently a bit of controversy erupted over a video interview Handshake did with Jonathan Crowley. The video was originally posted on this site almost two weeks ago and Gizmodo picked it up on Tuesday.

The first part of the video was supposed to be a tongue-and-cheek foursquare application pitch. However, it seems Jonathan Crowley and the people at foursquare were concerned the joke about a hooker application was not much of a joke at all.

We received word about foursquare’s reaction through the professor who got us the interview. We were told foursquare and Crowley wanted the video taken down immediately. We acquiesced (maybe even panicked a bit), took down the video, and replaced it with a tamer version.

We think it’s clear that he was joking at the beginning and that the video is funny. Take a look at the unedited interview and the version that caused our Handshake world to spin.

Crowley (edited .mp4)

Raw Footage:
Crowley (full .mp4)

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One Response to “Prostitution. Not funny.”

  1. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    Too bad I missed all the drama.

    I won’t publicly go into my thoughts on this matter. But I was sad to see the edited version dropped, and I’m happy you put up this post. I think it was needed.

    And nice pic, BTW.