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Q&A: We Shake Hands With Oderus Urungus Of Gwar

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Handshake: We noticed that you have been making appearances on Fox News’ show Red Eye as Oderus Urungus. How did that come about?

Brockie: They just called us up and said that the next time we were in New York I should come on the show. They dubbed me their interplanetary correspondent.

Handshake: What is Greg Gutfield like?

Brockie: He’s a really great guy. I don’t think that he’s really as right wing as he acts.

Handshake: When did the fake blood become part of the act?

Brockie: From the very beginning. We started off just throwing it on the crowd. Now we have giant steel tanks that are pressurized for hours before the show.

Handshake: Do you think the fans enjoy being doused in fake blood?

Brockie: I know they do. I see it every night. They love it.

Handshake: So Gwar has a narrative tied into a lot of the lyrics. Is that true for all of your music or do you have songs that don’t tell Gwar’s history?

Brockie: All the albums have different elements of Gwar’s history but some songs have a narrative and some are just random. Our new album, Bloody Pit of Horror, is more random. It should be out by fall. Like November.

Handshake: You guys have fed a long list of celebrities to the world maggot, your giant, Tremors, a worm-like creature throughout the years. Who are some celebrities on the short list to be the world maggot’s next victims?

Brockie: We pretty much fed everybody we wanted to so far. Who’s that guy who killed those chicks? Joran van der Sloot. Yeah. We’d love to feed that guy to the worm. I think we’d get a big cheer if we killed him. We also would probably kill Tiger Woods. And a lot of fans have suggested that we kill Sarah Palin.

For photos of the event check out Gwar’d For Life: Album 1.

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One Response to “Q&A: We Shake Hands With Oderus Urungus Of Gwar”

  1. avatar Feralkid633 says:

    OK, here’s the scene: Tger Woods and Sarah Palin are doing it onstage; then walks in van der sloot. He kills them both in a rage. Oderus, pissed because he was enjoying the live sex scene, bashes Sloot’s head in with an amp. Then the worm eats the dead as Ungus bangs and holds a ripping high note while pissing blood on the crowd.