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Quiet Cape Town During World Cup—Stadium, Not So Much.

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The new, quieter, kinder stadium that will host this year's World Cup.

Later this month, while nearly 70,000 crazed soccer fanatics rush into South Africa’s Green Point Stadium to scream and blow horns like maniacs during the World Cup, residents of Cape Town might not even notice.

The open space atop the stadium is closed off by 9,000 glass panels, and a fiberglass mesh ring is suspended just below the glass panels. The glass and mesh bounce the crowd noise back at the fans, trapping the billions of decibels in the stadium and preventing them from assailing the ears of the four people in Cape Town who won’t be at the stadium.

The glass that closes off the opening also keeps out the weather.

While the atmosphere outside the stadium should be quiet and peaceful, expect the atmosphere inside to sound more like this (turn up your speakers, attach sound system, and turn it up to 11).

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It’s not yet known what the effects of the vuvuzela noise might be in a closed stadium…Handshake advises attendees of the World Cup to exercise caution.

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One Response to “Quiet Cape Town During World Cup—Stadium, Not So Much.”

  1. avatar Nick Feely says:

    I’d definitely be willing to sacrifice my ears for a chance to be there. Anyone think Handshake could give me a month off for “business” travel? Is that in the project budget?