Robot Monday: Boston Dynamic’s PETMAN Prototype

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In ten years, The Giant iPad That Rules The World will send this robot back in time to kill the young Cory Doctorow. We guarantee it.

Video: PETMAN Prototype by Boston Dynamics:

Biped robot that balances dynamically using a human-like walking motion. It is a close relative to BigDog, sharing elements of the mechanical design and control.

Check out the aforementioned and terrifying “BigDog” robot here.

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One Response to “Robot Monday: Boston Dynamic’s PETMAN Prototype”

  1. avatar Garrick Otero says:

    Two things:
    1: Did anyone else think this looked way too much like a Star Wars chicken walker?

    2: Did anyone else watch the BigDog video and feel like a jackass for being mad at the guy who kicked it? Too much like a real dog, I guess. Cuter than some I’ve seen.