G1.R1 Gripper Demo from Meka Robotics on Vimeo.

Robot Monday: G1.R1 Gripper Demo from Meka robotics

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I don’t know much about the G1.R1 Gripper, but I do know it is very good at gripping. And that, someday, in some galaxy far away, its streamlined descendant will attach to the hand of Luke Skywalker and become the most famous cyborg robot hand in George Lucas’ fatty brain.

Meka like most robotics companies, is pretty freaking awesome. And also pretty damn mysterious. Their robots, apart from looking cool and doing interesting things, don’t perform specific, marketable tasks. It appears that Meka’s researchers create robots for other researchers.

According to their website:

At Meka we develop world-class hardware and software systems for robotics researchers, specializing in robots designed to work in everyday environments. Our designs emphasize compliant actuation and intuitive human interfaces, allowing our robots to safely work alongside people. We deliver unparalleled usability, performance, robustness, and aesthetics in all of our products.

Meka also makes a “humanoid head” for “researchers interested in human-robot interaction and social robotics.” I am no researcher, but I would still very much like a robotic humanoid head. Although they would need to give it fire-breathing capabilities before I commit 100 percent. And also make it shoulder-attachable. And allow me to tell it when to breathe fire. That would be a cool robot.

Meka S1 Head montage from Meka Robotics on Vimeo.

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