Robot Monday: If You Could Have A Robot

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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. Maybe they should be looking over their shoulders. Robots are looking to replace them, and they can get us a soda from the fridge.

There are robots that can play poker (and very well, might I add), do chores around the house, and are companions for the elderly.

But, what if we had robots that could cook for us, clean for us, pay our taxes, or go to work for us? They would not only make our lives easier, but would they make us lazy in the long run?

So, we ask, if you could have any kind of robot, what kind would you have, if at all?

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2 Responses to “Robot Monday: If You Could Have A Robot”

  1. I think I could definately get lazier because of them. BUT.. I’d still want a laundry robot.

  2. avatar Winton Brown says:

    Me too Michelle. That, and one that goes to the grocery store, wait in those long lines for me!