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Robot Monday: Robots Are Joining the Workforce in Scotland

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Human janitors, beware. Robots in Scotland will soon be competing for your jobs.

When it opens in August, the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland will use a fleet of robots to dispense drugs, deliver food, clean the floors, and remove waste.

According to the BBC, the robots will be controlled by staff members with handheld PDAs.

The hospital will have robots that do dirty tasks, such as taking dirty linen or clinical waste away, says Lesley Shepherd, an infection control nurse.

Using robots should cut down on infections, says Shepherd.

Other robots will do clean tasks, such as bringing meals and clean linens to patients. The robots will even have separate elevators to avoid crossing paths, Shepherd says.

With fleets of robots now cleaning floors, nursing humans, and running diaper factories, robot unions can’t be too far away.

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