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Soldier Arrested For Leaking Video Of U.S. Helicopter Attack

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Monday morning, the Pentagon released a statement confirming it had arrested an Army intelligence analyst who it believes distributed classified information, including a video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack that killed 12 civilians, including two journalists (see the video here).

Specialist Bradley Manning, 22, of Potomac, Md. is being held in “pre-trial confinement” in Kuwait while the military investigates the release of the video, according to the Pentagon’s statement.

Manning allegedly released the video in April to WikiLeaks, a whistle-blower website.

According to reports from Wired, former hacker Adrian Lamo received IMs and e-mails from Manning in which the analyst allegedly took credit for releasing the video. According to Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zetter of Threat Level, Lamo then tipped off the Pentagon.

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One Response to “Soldier Arrested For Leaking Video Of U.S. Helicopter Attack”

  1. avatar Matt says:

    Lamo sounds like an appropriate name for this guy.