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If you’ve never been to cow country, you might not be familiar with the wacky things farmers do with the tons of crap that plops onto fields across America every day. Poo clocks. Poo trivets. Poo chucking contests. Honestly, though, this stuff is all pretty worthless, never mind gross. What’s next, a baby crib made from caribou crap?

Besides, why waste a turd on a trivet when it can be used for something worthwhile, such as powering your PlayStation.

Handshake‘s Matt Millham, Ajay Nanavati and Megan Swann ventured to Morrisville State College in upstate New York to get an eyefull of the school’s biogas operation. Manure from about 450 cows generates about 45 kilowatts of electricity around the clock. It’s pretty impressive. Check out this video to see how it works. And check out Millham’s poo power story in the September issue of Handshake magazine.

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