Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Robot? Austrian Robots Strut Their Stuff In Dance Competition

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Juilliard would be so much more awesome if its dancers were robots.

But they’re not. That’s why Handshake thinks Austria will replace New York as the center of dance awesomeness.

The Upper Austria Center of Applied Sciences not only offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees that include curricula in robot engineering, it hosts an annual Hexapod Robot Dance-off that has already redefined the levels of awesomeness that can be attained by computer programmers and robot engineers.

Its fifth annual competition in April featured a robot in a fedora, a turtle robot, and a robot island that knocks the LOST island down a notch on the list of “Magical Islands.”

Why? Because this one is real—and it might actually help some skinny Austrian robot nerd get a date.

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2 Responses to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Robot? Austrian Robots Strut Their Stuff In Dance Competition”

  1. avatar Nick Feely says:

    The LOST island will forever and always be the best island to “exist.”

    Island Power Rankings:

    1. LOST Island
    2. Gilligan’s Island
    3. Robot Island
    4. Island Def Jam Records (Thanks, Justin Beiber…)

  2. avatar Matthew Millham says:

    Gilligan’s Island has to be at least a notch below Fantasy Island. The place had a midget. A MIDGET!!!