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Study Shows That 22 Percent Of Internet Time Is Social

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A recent Nielsen study proved what we already all knew. If you’re online, you’re most likely spending your time blogging, tweeting, or commenting on a friend’s drunken Facebook photo.

The study found that people spent 22 percent of their time social networking. It also found that a third of the world is using social media, and that number has increased 24 percent from last year.

Sites such as Facebook and YouTube are the most popular sites among internet geeks across the globe, with close to a half billion people spending an average of six hours on Facebook per month, according to the study.

Google was the most visited site with 82 percent of people all over the world visiting it regularly.

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One Response to “Study Shows That 22 Percent Of Internet Time Is Social”

  1. avatar Michelle Bernard says:

    I would have thought people spend more time than that social networking.