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Supernatural season six plot gets another minor twist: Real Sam may be lost forever

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The new Supernatural season decided to throw a new wrench in the works of the main plot. As a result, Crowley may not turn to be this season’s big bad and Sam’s may be too damaged from being in the cage with Lucifer and Gabriel for so long. Read ahead for the details.

“Caged Heat” starts off with Sam and Dean finishing another monster-fetching errand for Crowley. Tired of doing the head demon’s dirty work, Dean tells Sam he wants to find a way to out of their deal with Crowley. In his frustrated speech, Dean says he doesn’t want to feel like taking a “rape shower” every time he hunts a monster, a crude and unfortunate reminder that this episode was written by at least one dude (Brett Matthews and Jenny Klein).

Hope soon arrives in the form of another recurring character: Meg, the same demon from Seasons one, two, and five who just won’t leave the Winchesters alone. As a follower of Lucifer all along, Meg and her cronies are now being persecuted by Crowley, and she wants to kill Crowley before he wipes her out. Robo Sam manages to snatch the demon-killing knife back from Meg, which she stole in the beginning of season five. He also manages to convince both Dean and Meg to work together to “gank” Crowley, not before Meg tortures Crowley enough for him to give the brothers what they want: Sam’s soul.

Robo Sam is even more prodigious than getting a demon to side with them. He tricks Cas to come down from his heaven war with the plot of Raiders of the lost arc. After Robo-Sam threatens to kill him, Cas complies with their wish to pursue Crowley and get Sam’s soul back.

The gang sneaks into Crowley compound, an abandoned prison, where Crowley seems to be getting nowhere fast by torturing monster alphas to find out the entrance to purgatory. Of course, they get discovered almost right away. Samuel wards off Cas right away and helps imprison Meg, Sam and Dean. A chilling earlier scene revealed that Samuel is trying to get his daughter (the brothers’ mother) back from the dead, not from hell or purgatory (as that would be too reasonable an explanation, I guess).

Samuel just wants to revive her to see her again, and that’s what his deal with Samuel’s all about. There is a parallel here between Samuel and John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father, since both men were obsessed over vindicating her untimely death. But the connection is loose at best and Samuel’s motivations are convoluted at best. Because of this stupid reason, Dean righteously promises his grandfather that he will kill him next time they meet.

Sam manages to get away by drawing a devil’s trap on the prison cell ceiling with his blood. Soon after, he and Dean confront Crowley after the brothers manage to spring Meg and lure him under a devil’s trap.

Meg rings out the truth from Crowley in the episode’s most revealing moment: He can’t get Sam’s soul back from the cage, and even if he could, it would be so badly damaged that Sam would probably die instantly. With this revelation, robo-Sam decides to let Meg kill Crowley. She botches it and Crowley manages to break the trap with the knife. Cas shows up just in time to say “Not so fast,” and reveals to Crowley that he found his remains again.

When Crowley confirms one more time that there’s no way to save Sam, Cas sets fire to the remains, burning Crowley up to a crisp! WHAT?! NO MORE CROWLEY? Now who’s gonna be the big bad? Exactly: nobody knows. This episode might have deflated the main tension for the entire season with this very scene, but now I guess we just have to sit and wait.

When the Winchesters and Cas realize that Meg took off, Dean says “Yeah, I was gonna kill her too,” and proceeds to make another awkward joke about not killing her until Cas “has his way with her first.” This line presumably picks up on an earlier scene when Cas and Meg made out in a way that Cas learned from a hotel porn movie he was watching with Dean and Sam in the same room, in his usual innocent and blank-faced fashion. It’s hard not to interpret Dean’s line as another rape joke. Mind you the show has more than its share of sexist language, but this joke really crosses the line from salty innuendo to just plain poor taste. I’m simply surprised that a show with a woman head writer, Sera Gamble, would allow such uncharacteristically insensitive jokes get into an episode.

Well, Gamble co-wrote “Appointment in Samarra,” next week’s installment of Supernatural. Apparently, Death is coming to collect on the deal it made with Dean. Let’s hope this episode is lighter on the shitty jokes and heavier on the Dean-Death intrigue.

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One Response to “Supernatural season six plot gets another minor twist: Real Sam may be lost forever”

  1. avatar Sarah says:

    I don’t care what you say, I STILL don’t think Crowley’s dead. They couldn’t just kill off my bb like that. :/ That’s cold.