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T-Mobile To Release The Next Garminfone

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T-Mobile is set to release the new Garminfone, which is supposed to make up for AT&T’s failed attempt at the same idea. This phone, similar to other new devices, comes equipped with all of the necessary features. The new version, however, also has walking capabilities that allow people to navigate outside of their vehicles.

Other Android-based phones such as the T-Mobile MyTouch, BlackBerry phones, and G1 also include GPS navigation, but it eats up battery life. The new Garminfone functions as an actual GPS and can be mounted onto a windshield and attached to an adapter. With real-time traffic, gas prices, and weather updates, it makes traveling easier. New traveler apps such as flight status and “Where am I?” will be available to enhance to phone’s features.

The phone is set to release on June 9 for $199 with a two-year contract.

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