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Wednesday Webgame: Pixel Purge

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One lone, bubbly ship versus an unrelenting hoard of pixelated alien invaders — This is Pixel Purge!

Pixel Purge is a tough, little arcade shooter where you fly through space decimating flying enemies, snagging power-ups, and consuming the remains of destroyed alien ships like a rabid 8-bit-atarian. It’s these little pixels that allow you to level-up. The logic is simple: the bigger the enemy, the more pixels left behind to consume. By level 10 your screen will be so covered with enemy vampire ships and exploding space mines, you’ll be throttling the WASD keys to snake through tiny gaps and firing as fast as you can click on your way to grab that one power-up that might extend your life for another 30 seconds. It gets addictive.

Skip the introduction story: It’s unnecessary. Mute the music: It’s terrrible. And tell your boss you’re deleting viruses off your harddrive using McAfee’s new Button Masher 9000 Trojan Destroyer.

The game is available at Armor Games.

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