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Saw 3D: Full circle, indeed

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Allow me to get this right out in the open: I’m a huge horror fan. I started reading Stephen King novels at the tender age of 10, and watched my first real horror flick at 11 (Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, which I must have watched a hundred times from the first to when I graduated high school). But I do have some standards – I need a little plot with my horror. Gore-fests are great, but gallons of blood and guts just aren’t enough to keep me coming back for sequel after sequel after sequel.

That’s why I fell in love with the first Saw movie. (Well, that, and Cary Elwes, who will forever be the Dread Pirate Wesley to me but still rocks my world whatever he’s in.) The original Saw was amazing – it was new and different, filled with both gore and heavy psychological scares, and the ending (which, thankfully, no one spoiled for me) completely blew me away. I actually stood up and cheered for it. Good thing I was watching it at home.

Naturally, I wanted more. I continued to watch the Saw franchise (though I waited for the DVDs rather than going to the theater). None of the sequels were as mind-blowingly awesome as the original, but they were certainly satisfying. Plot was maintained along with a lovely high gore factor, and for most of the movies, I managed to take away a surprise or two.

When I heard the final installment was going to be in 3-D, I knew I HAD to see it in a theater. Eye-popping splatter! Bring it on!

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