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Playing Pi. Just ’cause.

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Ever wondered what π (Pi) would sound like as a song? Of course you haven’t. But musician Michael Blake of Quebec Antique plays his musical interpretation of the mathematical constant up to 31 decimal places in this here video. Basically, his sheet music looks like this: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795.

Using a piano, a bell set, an accordion, and his own hands, Blake takes the majors and minors at 157 beats per minute to further demonstrate the correlation between math and music. And for those of you who hated math as much as I did, 157 beats per minutes is coincidently 314 divided by two.



Children on Human Planet catch, eat giant spiders

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The current line-up of BBC documentary series is a thing of wonder. It is as if one high-level BBC executive pondered his grade school experience watching those terrible state-produced, mundane documentaries and decided that “The Savanna” and “Your Home: Earth” deserved to be replaced with short films that would hold the interest of viewers and explain the world. Human Planet is an excellent example of this genre of educational and entertaining documentary fare.

Sadly, the BBC’s iPlayer isn’t available to people outside the UK, and people with aversions to nefarious endeavors will have to sustain themselves on simple YouTube clips for now. But there is good news for the future: the iPlayer app for the iPad and Android is rumored to be available in some international markets in the near-future.


Stephen King’s The Stand heads to the cinema

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen King’s The Stand is finally getting the big-screen treatment. A film adaption of the widely popular, post-apocalyptic novel has been in various stages of development for years, and the book has already been adapted as a miniseries [featured video] and a Marvel comic book.

The miniseries featured a decent cast: Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Jamey Sheridan, and with a 6-hour running time it stayed fairly faithful, albeit toned-down for TV, to the sprawling, epic source material. A film adaptation will have to unfold across multiple films or be highly condensed. The project will take a strong cast, a top-notch scriptwriter, and a masterful director at the helm — maybe seasoned Stephen-King-adapter Frank Darabont will throw his hat into the ring.

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Graham Annable’s “The Walking Not-So-Smart” — A parody of The Walking Dead

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Though we’re big fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’ve had our share of quibbles with some of the shows logical absurdities. Much to our delight, Graham Annable, or grickle on Flickr, has started using his comic skillz to pick apart some of the shows more obvious plot holes and logical head-scratchers. But do not fear! He’s not skewering the show in its entirety.

From his Flickr site:

I hope that this flickr set doesn’t come off as super hateful of the TV series “The Walking Dead”. It’s just that, so far, I’ve been disappointed in a lot of the writing. I think the zombie scenes and efx have been solid but the character development and logic has been killing it for me. My nerdy inclination, of course, is to vent all my issues through a collection of slightly mean-spirited doodles. Enjoy or object. The Walking Dead">:)

The Walking Dead">


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The eminently possible return of Dr. Horrible

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Back in 2008, during a Hollywood writer’s strike, Joss Whedon set out to prove that filmmakers didn’t need big budgets and big distribution to create something that would resonate with movie fans. So he took Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day, and put them in a… musical. Which is not something one would immediately deem a “good plan with a high probability of success.” Honestly, on the surface, the concept sounds ridiculous – Doogie Howser, M.D. and Captain Malcolm from Serenity, not only together, but singing?

However, we’re talking Joss Whedon here. There’s a reason he has millions of rabid fans – the man’s a genius. “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog“, released exclusively online in three acts, was a resounding success, garnering a server-crashing 2-plus million views in its initial week-long run, not to mention spawning countless fan and tribute videos, sites, and Internet memes. Then, Whedon and Company released a Dr. Horrible DVD with bonus features like singing commentary, to very brisk sales and overwhelmingly positive reviews.