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“Sunlight, Heaven”–Julianna Barwick–Records Under the Radar

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The music of Julianna Barwick is nearly wordless; it is composed almost entirely of her non-verbal vocalizations. She sings and then loops her own voice, over and over, slowly building the song from scratch. It is reminiscent of hymns, of monks chanting, of reverberations in a cave. Her voice is beautiful: it can be keening or round and clear as a bell. She often uses a variety of vocal tones, sampled and layered atop one another, to construct her compositions.

The tracks comprising Barwick’s debut EP, Florine, are not “songs” in the traditional sense. There is no verse or chorus, no hook or even a readily discernible melody. Rather, it is as though each song slowly approaches the listener, initial tendrils of sound floating languidly by, and then increasing in speed and frequency, until the layering, looping sounds become a deluge. Then, after building to a peak, the song recedes, like the tide going out.

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