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New Feature: Dance Lessons With Elvis Jr.

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As a kid I tried out a lot of different hobbies before finding something I liked enough to stick with. Legos, Etch-a-Sketch, binge drinking – none did it for me. Thankfully I found disc golf, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

But not all kids like Frisbees. Some prefer boomerangs. Or womanizing. Or Elvis.

Some really like Elvis. Some like him so much that they spend their free time dressing up and singing sort of like the King (for the record, I’ve never dressed as, or sang like, a Frisbee). Handshake spent a couple days with a half dozen little Elvi at the Lake George Elvis Festival in Lake George, NY. You have to really like your hobby to travel across the country or an international border to do it. And you have to have a really loving family, or an insane stage mom, to ferry you around to these gigs. Here’s a Handshake tribute to the dedicated kids.

Check our full story on these Kid Kings in the September issue of Handshake magazine.

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