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Graham Annable’s “The Walking Not-So-Smart” — A parody of The Walking Dead

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Though we’re big fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’ve had our share of quibbles with some of the shows logical absurdities. Much to our delight, Graham Annable, or grickle on Flickr, has started using his comic skillz to pick apart some of the shows more obvious plot holes and logical head-scratchers. But do not fear! He’s not skewering the show in its entirety.

From his Flickr site:

I hope that this flickr set doesn’t come off as super hateful of the TV series “The Walking Dead”. It’s just that, so far, I’ve been disappointed in a lot of the writing. I think the zombie scenes and efx have been solid but the character development and logic has been killing it for me. My nerdy inclination, of course, is to vent all my issues through a collection of slightly mean-spirited doodles. Enjoy or object. The Walking Dead">:)

The Walking Dead">

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