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China Miéville talks to Handshake about the ‘endless, accelerated cycle of monstrous creation’ in RPGs, world-building

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Last week at C2E2, I was very fortunate to run into the incredibly talented and humble British author China Miéville after his spotlight presentation, which included a reading of his upcoming book Embassytown. Aside from creating worlds that go beyond what any single genre can encompass (in his “asymptotic” quest for the “completely alien Alien”), Miéville is currently slated to publish a new book every year until 2014 and is currently in talks with Marvel Comics to author a graphic novel as well. At the same time, some fans of his work are working to produce an RPG based on Bas-Lag, the semi-fantastic setting for three of his novels (Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council).

But you can’t find any of this information on his Tumblr. There Miéville only posts artworks/found items he appreciates, terse observations about British politics and artistic (either drawn or written) renderings of his thoughts.

In my interview with Miéville, I attempted to explore the motivations behind his world-building and the RPG influences that go into his works. Here is the result:

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