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BRAAAINS! The Current State of Zombie Research

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For swooning teen girls, there are the hairless-chested vampires of Twilight. For college English students, the wizardry of Hogwarts Academy is prime. The nerdsters have robots. The hipsters have the beats.

But for a certain group of researchers, nothing can be more alluring than the tasty study of that great, brain-chomping, ankle-biting, blood-spewing,
walking dead device — the zombie.

He reads an article in The New York Times science section, and he wonders: How does this relate to my research? He wants to know how the decomposition of human bodies works. His Twitter account whirls a constant stream of scientific dis- covery: Reuters updates, Science Daily blurbs, The National Science Foundation an- nouncements. He wonders what happens to the eye if a person never blinks, so he calls the head of the American Academy of Optometry.

He reads an article from the BBC News on bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease), and it gets him thinking about viruses, incubation periods, the effects on the brain, so he calls the Scripps Research Institute. When he calls another researcher, he introduces himself.

His name is Matt Mogk, and he is the founder of the Zombie Research Society.

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