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Mad Men theme done solely on bass

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Last month RJD2’s instrumental Mad Men theme was blended with Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy,” but this week it’s Adam Ben Ezra who is showing his skills remaking the song. Near the beginning of this all bass cover, one might think Ben Ezra is taking himself a little too seriously, but at 0:30 it’s clear he’s just having fun. His cover of “Billy Jean” is just as jazzy and catchy as this and over on his website there’s a small collection of tunes perfect for lounging and sipping whisky smashes.

As far as RJD2’s goes, if all you know of him is the short sample of his work Mad Men uses, you are doing yourself a grave travesty. His 2002 album Deadringer was one of the best of that year, and every album since then has been nearly as good.

Listen to some RJD2.

Catch him live.

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