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Unflinching BBC show The Thick of It takes more from The West Wing than most think

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Symmetrical photo of the Season 1 cast of The West WingLong before penning his harsh biopic of a 26-year-old billionaire, Aaron Sorkin was known for his warm and fuzzy portrayal of the American presidency in The West Wing. TWW is from a time when Americans wanted a TV show that told them how great a Democratic presidency could be, filtering down real-life complexities of running a major government office to forced conversations about the founding fathers, privacy rights and race relations.

But as quaint as The West Wing was, it became the first show to appeal directly to political junkies everywhere. Politics geeks could now engage with television that at least tried to relate substantive arguments within a world that thrilled them. Sorkin treated politics in TWW the same way Gene Roddenberry treated science in Star Trek: as a clever device used to get into his characters’ heads.

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