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“I’ll prove how much I love you with this handstand.”–Records Under The Radar

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Moonface is yet another brainchild of the prolific Spencer Krug.  One half of indie stalwarts Wolf Parade, driving force behind Sunset Rubdown, and one third of Canadian “supergroup” Swan Lake, Krug has a seemingly endless creative well from which to draw.  Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums, his first release under the Moonface moniker, adds yet another fascinating piece to his legacy.

This cryptic project, quietly released through a dedicated website in January of 2010, is comprised of one sprawling, 20 minute track, consisting soley of Krug’s vocals and, yes, marimba and “shit-drums” (so-called because of their fidelity).  Appropriately, the lyrics to the song are surreal and dreamlike, conjuring images of  specters passing through walls and guitars made of glass.

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