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Minecraft now supports simple texture swapping

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Zelda fans, Mario fans, fans of seasons and creepers and Nintendo Game Boy graphics rejoice: Minecraft now supports simple texture swapping. Markus Persson, the game’s creator, announced new features on his blog on Tuesday. And today, the ability to re-skin the game is available to everyone who updates. (Whoa, Bonus: Hitting F4 spawns a portal.)

Previously, the process of changing the look of Minecraft involved downloading textures, uncompressing files, and moving them into adjacent folders. But now it couldn’t be simpler (or kinda the same): Snag the update, grab a texture pack (in .zip form), drop it into the newly-created “texturepacks” folder, hit that fancy new “Mods and Texture Packs” button on the start screen, load the texture packs from the folder, and choose your pack. (Note: You’ll have to make sure all the main folders and .pngs are on the root level of the texture pack, not in any folder. Just zip up the contents. It should look like this before you select it all and zip it up.)

In response to Persson’s update, Handshake has compiled a list of our 5 favorite textures and provided links so you can immediately begin re-discovering Minecraft.

Check them out below:

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