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Marvel Vs. Capcom Three — Long trailer

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First: Yeah right, like any Capcom character could ever beat the Hulk. From Wikipedia:

The Hulk is resistant to most forms of injury or damage. The extent varies between interpretations, but he has withstood the equivalent of core solar temperatures, nuclear explosions, and planet-splitting impacts. He has been shown to have both regenerative and adaptive healing abilities, including growing tissues to allow him to breathe underwater, surviving unprotected in space for extended periods (yet still eventually needing to breathe), and when injured, healing from most wounds within seconds.

His powerful legs allow him to leap into lower Earth orbit or across continents, and he has displayed sufficient superhuman speed to match Thor, or the Sentry. He also has less commonly described powers, including abilities allowing him to “home in” to his place of origin in New Mexico, resist psychic control, grow stronger from radiation or dark magic, and to see and interact with astral forms.

Ryu wouldn’t be much more than a fly on the Hulk’s finely tattered short shorts. I’m sorry, Street Fighter partisans, but it is simple reality.

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