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Futurama’s time travel, deconstructed

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From Robert Chambers/Kurt Vonnegut-like suicide booths to Robot Arms Apartments (lifted from the prophetic second part of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl), Futurama has embedded allusions to speculative fiction all over its world.

The show absorbs a lot of great sci-fi lore and spits out excellent, silly and original science fiction of its own.

Now that the 6th season of Futurama is almost half-way over (Yay, 100 episodes! — as Hermes Conrad said “That’s almost 10 a year!”), it’s time to celebrate with a little time-travel fun. In episode seven of this season Fry, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth get trapped in a time machine that can only go forward in time.

Here’s a break-down of all the sci-fi references in their travels:

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