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Plot of X-Files porn parody actually less-porny than last movie

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A pedophile priest helps Mulder and Scully find a mad scientist who intends to transplant a man’s head onto a woman’s body so he can finally have wild male/female-with-a-male’s-head sex with his male lover.


Set one year before the appearance of Lilith, Federal agents Dana Scully (Kimberly Kane) and Fox Mulder (Anthony Rosano) are sent to unravel a mystifying series of murders. Their investigation leads them to Eastern Virginia, where they find several locals who seem to have been “infected”. Mulder believes the cause of these infections to be none other than “The Black Oil.” Scully and Mulder must search for answers that will ultimately defy the boundaries of science, the paranormal, and the dreadful spaces in between!


One of these is the plot for that last X-Files movie, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, the other is the plot of the newest X-Files porn parody, The Sex Files 2: A Dark XXX Parody (link NSFW). If you saw I Want to Believe you know Mulder and Scully are sleeping together. I wonder if there will be a similar revelation in the parody. I guess we’ll just have to wait until “a guy we know” sees the movie to find out.

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