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Twitter temporarily suspends @GaryJBusey because of “valid impersonation report”

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Tracy Jordan once said that celebrity deaths come in threes. Today he was proven right.

Leslie Nielsen, Irvin Kershner and now, @garyjbusey.

Today Twitter officially suspended the @garyjbusey account because they received a “valid impersonation report,” said Pauly Casillas, one of the minds behind the account.

The suspension has stirred up some serious support for the famed account. @YourFavWhiteGuy, @Jesus_M_Christ and @Nick_Nolte are only some of Twitter celebs showing their love for the “patron saint of headbutts.”

Here’s some more of what Casillas had to say about the suspension:

Twitter has said that they will activate the account as long as we change two things: The avatar and the username.
As we have been @GaryJBusey for almost two years and also have tweeted our followers to follow @THEGaryBusey out of respect, it seems as that is not enough. Of course, we will follow Twitter’s demands and comply as soon as we can, but you and I both know who the real Not Gary J Busey is.

Check out the #freegaryjbusey hashtag on Twitter for more updates.

And be sure to read our interview with the mad minds behind the account here and here.

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