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Neil Gaiman: Leaving a trail of Internet destruction

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In addition to writing novels, comic books, kids’ fiction, TV scripts, film scripts, and most recently, editing a Year’s Best comic anthology, Neil Gaiman is perhaps one of the most technologically with-it authors today. While many old-school creative types admit a certain reluctance to embrace all things gadget-like, Gaiman has thrown himself into the brave new e-world with a certain reckless abandon – a characteristic that’s served him well in his immensely popular body of work.

Perhaps best known for The Sandman comic and Coraline, the book and film, Gaiman has worked successfully in just about everything, including collaborative fiction with another fantasy powerhouse, Terry Pratchett. Recently, New York Magazine’s culture blog,The Vulture coaxed a few more than 140 characters (the limit for Twitter comments, which Gaiman puts out voraciously for nearly 1.5 million followers) from the fantastic fantasist.

Here are some highlights from that interview. You can read all about it here.

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