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Life on Titan? The Twitterverse responds

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Yesterday NASA made a surprise announcement that it would hold a press conference “to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

As expected, the might of the entire twitterverse set upon unraveling this mystery. Below we collect and interpret the best 140 characters had to offer.

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Twitter temporarily suspends @GaryJBusey because of “valid impersonation report”

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Tracy Jordan once said that celebrity deaths come in threes. Today he was proven right.

Leslie Nielsen, Irvin Kershner and now, @garyjbusey.

Today Twitter officially suspended the @garyjbusey account because they received a “valid impersonation report,” said Pauly Casillas, one of the minds behind the account.

The suspension has stirred up some serious support for the famed account. @YourFavWhiteGuy, @Jesus_M_Christ and @Nick_Nolte are only some of Twitter celebs showing their love for the “patron saint of headbutts.”

Here’s some more of what Casillas had to say about the suspension:

Twitter has said that they will activate the account as long as we change two things: The avatar and the username.
As we have been @GaryJBusey for almost two years and also have tweeted our followers to follow @THEGaryBusey out of respect, it seems as that is not enough. Of course, we will follow Twitter’s demands and comply as soon as we can, but you and I both know who the real Not Gary J Busey is.

Check out the #freegaryjbusey hashtag on Twitter for more updates.

And be sure to read our interview with the mad minds behind the account here and here.

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