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Lego train destruction

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You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

It’s true of superheroes and it’s true of Lego builders. The day after your 12th birthday you are a god of Lego. You watch over your newly constructed world and nod in approval. You have built the skyscrapers and the cars and the starships. You command their every movement. But sooner or later it will dawn on you: Now is the time for destruction. And nothing is more glorious then the triple head-on collision of a high speed Eurostar bullet train, a 9-volt ICE train, and a chugging-along Christmas train.

Experts say serial killers start out with little animals, well, supervillains have to start somewhere too. Here’s 5 more videos that prove evil madmen love Lego trainsets:

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