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Hidden ninja photobomb contest

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At Kronikle, a contest to dress up as a ninja and photobomb unsuspecting non-ninjas:

Kidrobot and Shawnimals are teaming up for real kick-butt promotion, the Hidden Ninja Photo-Bomb Contest! We challenge you to channel your favorite Ninjatown character by:
1. suiting up ninja-style, (yeah seriously, dress up like a real ninja!)
2. stealthily positioning yourself in a public place without being detected, and
3. photographing yourself with as many clueless bystanders in the shot.
*Self timers or side kicks recommended. Photoshopping of bystanders prohibited.

I’m rather a fan of this image:

But this one took away the grand prize (a lot: n iPod Touch, Trees of Doom game, a full set of Ninjatown Wee vinyl series, a Shawnimals Custom iPod Touch case, Wee Devil plush, Ninjatown Vol.1- Adventures of Wee Ninja, Ninjatown Micro Plush 2.0 and various buttons and stickers):

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