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RIYL: Mimes, people doing the robot, Japanese mimes doing the robot

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This new video from Japanese electro-poppers World Order features a cadre of men in business suits doing some of that “super slow mo” action all of us have probably reenacted (in a bar, during some sort of sporting event).  The primary difference here is that they do it really, really well.  In the grand tradition of OK Go’s uberpopular viral videos and, uh, pretty much every Michel Gondry video ever, it appears that these guys just practiced this moves–a lot–and then they filmed at regular camera speed.  Pretty cool.

One caveat: mute the sound (unless you are, improbably, a World Order superfan).  Instead, I recommend playing Hall & Oates’ “Kiss On My List” while you watch.  Seriously, it was amazing.

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