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The candid Stephen Colbert

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So earlier this year, the good folks at reddit helped raise money for the DonorsChoose rally. Stephen Colbert promised to chat with them and answer some questions if they reached a certain amount. They did. So he talked.

Most Colbert fans know that, behind the character he plays on The Colbert Report, Stephen is an intelligent, insightful and often fascinating man. Of course, he’s also funny. Funny and intellectual go a long way toward helping folks become more informed — it’s easier to digest facts with a dose of humor, which probably goes a long way toward Colbert’s popularity.

The casual interview on reddit features the man behind the character and contains some great stuff like:

On the White House Correspondents’ Dinner: I was as surprised as the next guy that I was invited to roast the President and the press corps that spring.

On becoming an actor: When you are young and single, there really isnt anything to worry about.

On legalizing marijuana: So if it happened, I don’t think the world would come to an end. Unless… IT WAS THE POT SMOKERS WHO DREAMT UP SUBPRIME MORTGAGE BUNDLING IN THEIR DAMNED OPIATE FEVERS????!!!!

Read the full Q&A here.

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