The conspiracy behind Rubicon’s cancellation

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Connect the dots.

The story is simple enough: Will Travers, a worker for an intelligence agency consultant API, discovers an encrypted message across crossword puzzles from several dates. The first person he tells this discovery to, his superior, dies in a mysterious train accident. After being promoted, Travers begins to probe further, running up against intense truths and characters like Kale Ingram, an almost-villain who rivals Ben from Lost.

On Armistice Day 2010, The powers that be at AMC chose to renew The Walking Dead for a second season instead of Rubicon.

Or did they?

Many fans of dense, subtle espionage thrillers sure wish they didn’t. Although Rubicon was a bit slow, it grew by the end of its first season to be one of the most amazing TV shows that too many viewers missed out on.

Thank goodness for agents like @SaveRubicon who to this day are working hard to bring back the best of a very complicated genre.

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