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The Facade Painter: Street art, now mechanized

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Images and video via facadeprinter.org

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Via the always illuminating Wooster Collective:

The Facadeprinter is a simple, software controlled robot. It consits of a two axis turn table and an airpressure printhead. The printer shoots the artwork from a distanced position dot by dot onto the chosen area. Using this method, inaccessible and also uneven surfaces can be printed on. Buildings can be displayed without costly scaffolding.

The Facadeprinter is a large scale communication tool. Print-aesthetics and method are distinguishly different from conventional print- and advertising techniques. Artworks are applied directly onto walls, like the drawings of a ‘magic pen’. At present, the maximum print distance is 12 meters, the maximum print height is around 8 meters. The shooting frequency is up to 5 dots per second.

facadeprinter.org – three stones from Facadeprinter on Vimeo.

See a gallery of art work made with the facade painter here.

And the device itself:

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