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The Separation Of Apple And State: Apple Offers “Field Trips”

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“Wow, uncle Steve. All of your genius inventions are soooo cool. Can I live at the Apple Store?”

Teachers, do you feel that your students haven’t had enough Apple promotions shoved down their throats? Now you can take your students right into an Apple Store to teach them that PCs are for four-eyed losers.

Apple offers “field trip” opportunities to teachers where students can come and play with Apple gadgets and learn basic skills in Apple programs like iPhoto and iMovie. Then they can go home and pester their parents until they give in and drop a few grand to ease their little one’s Apple fever.

Soon the Apple symbol will be etched into all American students’ little souls.

Whatever happened to going to the zoo or the science museum or anywhere that isn’t a retail store on a field trip?

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