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The September issue of Handshake magazine

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Here it is. The September issue of Handshake magazine. So much to read. So much to do.

Cory Doctorow. Bionics. Legos. Puzzles. Missions. Accordions. Finding love in the age of the Internet.

There’s molecular gastronomy and the power of cow poop (unrelated). We suggest our five favorite violent video games for the Supreme Court to play.

We teach you how to fall out of a plane, run a ponzi scheme, and fight a bear.

There’s a list of 25 ladies you’ll love. A Handshake writer reports on the Pai Gow scene from a Connecticut casino. An Alex Petrowsky original comic makes its debut.

Beat music. Hickory golfers. Cameras reviewed. More. More. More.

Wait, why are you reading this list? Just read the magazine, it’s right here:

Download the .pdf

Good reading and good luck, Agents.

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6 Responses to “The September issue of Handshake magazine”

  1. avatar Chloe says:

    Magic. Simple and pure.

  2. avatar Rhe says:

    Will there be a link in the toolbar? It might be easier to direct people (aka prospective employers) to the PDF that way.

  3. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    We have a sidebar link, which is quite prominent but perhaps a little cryptic. We can make it more obvious.

  4. avatar Rhe says:

    Oh you’re right there is. I didn’t realize it was a separate entity. I thought it was just a continuation of this post.

  5. avatar Kevin Morris says:

    Is it obvious enough, though?

    ALSO: I didn’t work on the print side very much (that is, at all), but for six weeks of research/writing/design this is really impressive. Great job guys.

  6. avatar Matt M. says:

    I’d originally hoped for an Ali Kasim cover shot, but upon seeing his mug in the Pai Gow piece I’m glad he’s going back to Singapore. Dude would get all the fine American ladies if we let him.