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The Winners And Losers of E3 2010

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Winner: Motion-Control

We’ve already covered Microsoft’s release of the all-new Kinect, and Sony followed that up nicely with the Playstation Move. The Wii has been in on this market for a couple years now, but as improvements are made to the technology, more and more developers are toying with new ideas. Dance games, sports titles, and even RPGs are starting to experiment with motion controls, and the new Zelda will feature a full one-to-one motion with Link’s sword and shield. We’re one step closer to virtual reality.

Loser: Couch Potatoes

The advent of motion-controlled gaming not only creates an even more realistic gaming experience, but it’ll also get you up off your couch. Lazy gamers can’t be happy about an E3 rumor that Kinect can only sense a gamer if they are standing up, and the new complicated Zelda controls certainly seem easier to master with full range of motion rather than slouching on the sofa. If you’re the type to kick back with a bag of chips in one hand and your controller in the other, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Winner: MMORPG

The realm once dominated by World of Warcraft will see the addition of a few big options for fans of the genre. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lego Universe, and Final Fantasy XIV are all set to be huge draws, and they’ll be available on both PCs and consoles. There is plenty of money to be made in monthly subscription costs, and game makers are starting to capitalize on it.

Loser: Wallets

One of Sony’s biggest announcements was the addition of 3D gaming capability to the PS3, but it came with one caveat: you need a Sony Bravia 3DTV for the extra visuals to work properly. The cheapest offering from Sony? $2,100 for a 40” set. If you want the new Kinect from Microsoft, be prepared to shell out $150, nearly half the cost of the console itself. And if you want the 3DS, it’s likely that it’ll put you out over $200, though Nintendo hasn’t released an official price point. Damn, gaming is getting expensive.

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2 Responses to “The Winners And Losers of E3 2010”

  1. avatar Tiago Moura says:

    Nintendo really did kick Microsoft and Sony’s ass, mostly by sticking to what they know. If they get more indie developers like the 2-D Boy in on the fun, then they’ll really be in business.

  2. avatar J Lawlor says:

    I concur.