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This is Handshake

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This is an invitation.

It’s no cordial invite, though. There is nothing polite about it. You are only being given a choice: keep reading or lose. There is no turning back. The world spins fast, and you have to keep up. Compete or Die! Maybe not that extreme. Compete or be bored.

You have been recruited. Your mission: Infiltrate. Learn. Compete. Win. Report back.

Handshake will equip you. We will guide you through the modern world. We will issue you reports on what is happening. We will help you discover the new technology you need to survive.

We will be your friends (sometimes). And your enemies (often). We will keep you plugged in to society: an intravenous drip of pure, deluxe-caffeinated culture.

Shut the fuck up.

Sometimes we will go too far.

We will feed you some information through this website. You will need to use our magazine to learn more. Some things will be hidden. It is too dangerous to pass along all this knowledge in the open. The magazine is a puzzle. It is a key.

There is a quandary in our role. We ask you to get out there. We demand you interact with society. We want you to see the world: explore and stay connected. You will have to download our content and upload your own. We will provide you online forums. We will introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals. Unite with these people. Communicate. Connect. Conquer the world.

Handshake will consume you while you consume it: Ouroboros, brother. Did I just blow your mind?

Your dad had Rolling Stone. Your older brother reads Wired. This is your magazine. It is your guidebook.

So start reading. Get involved. And welcome to the community.

TLDR: 43.038277ºN 76.134131ºW 384ft

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    I just walked over these and wondered what they were! I missed the mark.