The top five moments from Ugly Americans season one

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In its first season, Ugly Americans has brought the best out of horror with its satirical premise and violent, dark comedy. It proved to be one of the weirdest shows on television by pitting bearded little wizard men against each other (as show above) and continually punishing protagonist Mark Lilly’s bleeding heart approach to his job as a social worker.

The show vacillates from silly humor to seriously fucked-up scenarios with a lot of blood and gore. As I’ve said before, fantasy, sci-fi and monster flick parodies tend to lighten the mood of Ugly American‘s otherwise abrasive and super-violent humor, which it share with other cartoons from Augenblick Studios such as Superjail!.

So here are a few scenes from this brief, 14-episode glimpse of a world where otherworldly creatures are integrating into society instead of hiding from it:

  1. Demon Manufacturing Plant
  2. Mark’s Waking Dream Sequence
  3. Twayne and Mark’s Death Match
  4. Mark Is a Bad Influence on the Treature
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